Hydraulics groups

Hydraulics groups

UCASLAR hydraulic parts are manufactured with the most sensitive materials and connections in order to get the highest efficiency from your Construction Machine and to catch the balanced pressure at the final lifting-lowering-push points. Our equipment prepares the main elements and parts of the hydraulic system for shipment by passing them through the most intense pressure and technical tests.

The Hydraulic Systems and Parts you will see below are some examples;

  • Hydraulic Cylinders,
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Spare Parts,
  • Adjustment Groups,
  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings,
  • Hydraulic Motor Gears,
  • Hydraulic system pistons, rods and head-covers

And other products you can request…

UCASLAR Hydraulic Cylinders are offered to you in a wide range for almost all Caterpillar® Construction Equipment such as Dozer groups, Excavators, Backhoe multi-directional loaders, Wheel type loaders. Our Hydraulic Cylinders are subjected to all kinds of sealing and pressure tests, reducing costly maintenance costs and downtime, and prolonging the life of your construction machines.

As UCASLAR, we have a wide range of hydraulic hoses and clamps made of high quality and extremely durable special materials. All of our hoses and clamps are tested with standards that can control the highest performances of the relevant product. We strive to provide the most efficient and fluid hydraulic system. Our hydraulic system products are not limited to these. We support our Hydraulic Main Products with Pistons, Roads, Heads, Gears and etc. We aimed that all the products of a hydraulic system should support the main part of your Construction Machine. We have improved our product range and quality control mechanism by making investments in this direction. Our Sales Representatives are at your service to inform you about our products.


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